Do It For You

October 31, 2013 Yvonne Chen 0

I once spoke to a friend, a college graduate of some years with a promising career, about my own plans after graduation. When I said that I intended to go for a doctorate straight after […]


October 30, 2013 Vector Staff 0

Many days are spent wishing Wanting things that aren’t worth taking The desires become so overwhelming You see yourself and cringe Traits that follow are jealously and anticipation but then you have a realization, that […]

Intelligent Machines

October 29, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

The quintessential test for Artificial Intelligence is Alan Turing’s “Turing Test”. If a machine can fool a human into thinking that it is also a human, the machine passes the test. In the past, this […]

Please Drive Me

October 29, 2013 Guest 0

If you’re a commuter who drives to school, do you actually drive? Or do you commute to school? I think there’s a big difference between driving and commuting, with the latter being significantly more dangerous […]

SAC Event: Newsies: A Broadway Review

October 28, 2013 Satoe Ozawa 0

Broadway shows are always expensive affairs for poor college students. However, it is something everyone should experience at least once, especially since NJIT is located so close to New York City. Here’s where SAC comes […]

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