Car Corner Ford Fiesta

December 9, 2013 Xavier 0

I was going to try out a nice small sports car for this week, but the dealership (who will not be named) was not very professional and I would not go back for anything, even […]

Robotics Club Spotlight

December 7, 2013 Stephen Chan 0

The rainy Wednesday that marked the start of Thanksgiving break had an interesting event taking place in the campus center lobby. The few students that went to classes that day probably saw it: little robots […]

Plastic Cards

December 5, 2013 Vector Staff 0

Americans love plastic. There’s plastic everywhere – in your car, your phone, and your computer. There’s one particular piece of plastic that America just can’t get enough of, and it’s in your wallet: your credit […]

Cable Cutting

December 5, 2013 Joseph Iacoviello 0

“Cutting the cable”, or unsubscribing from television cable networks, has been a popular idea but hasn’t really caught on yet. Despite the growth of third party networks such as Netflix, most people are still subscribed […]

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