/On Campus Opinion: What are you enjoying about the Gingerbread Contest?

On Campus Opinion: What are you enjoying about the Gingerbread Contest?

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Akshay Somana

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1. Rafal Kierznowski. IT. Senior.

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“I’m happy to see all the people attending our Student Senate event and having a good turnout!”

2. Timothy Boyle Jr. Computer Science. Senior.

“It is good to see the competitive spirit of the groups of people working together. The small space of the bridge makes it seem really packed.”

3. Frank Gonzalez. Civil Engineering. Freshmen.

“The opportunity of making ginger bread trains in mid-January with my amigos.”

4. Magid Youssef. Chemical Engineering. Sophomore.

“Watching everybody have a good time together and some good old fashioned team work.”

5. Nehal Mascarenhas. IT. Senior.

“I like how the event is in a centralized location and I like how it brings students together.”

6. John D’Antonio-Bertagnolli. Biomedical Engineering. Sophomore.

“Being in charge.”

7. Arisha Javed. Chemical Engineering. Freshmen.

Siddharth Thiruvalluvan. Bioinformatics. Freshman.

Cynthia Ahmed. Business. Freshmen.

Neha Syal. Biomedical Engineering. Freshmen.

“The fact that you can eat while we are building and also spend quality time with friends that we haven’t seen in a month.”

8. Kevin Chen. Biology. Sophomore.

Vivian Hawn. Biochemistry. Sophomore.

“We love seeing students come out for some friendly competition by testing their creativity and teamwork.”

9. Johnathan Weiss. Mechanical Engineering. Senior.

“I enjoyed seeing all of the NJIT students come out and sure their creative side in this competition and have fun while doing it.”