/How Were Your First Two Weeks Back At School?

How Were Your First Two Weeks Back At School?

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Akshay Somana

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1. Adam Adamson. Science Technology Society. Freshman.

“It has been at a more slower pace, only two classes a day, and more time for clubs.”

2. Samdisha Kapoor. Business Information Systems. Senior.

“Still getting used to classes, its been fun. The commute had been difficult, but the cancellation of classes evens it out.”

3. Ruchir Parikh. Chemical Engineering. Junior.

“It’s been boring, and I miss the fun I had over break.”

4. Jeyson Flores. Civil Engineering. Junior.

“It’s been a great so far, but the sad part was  the cancellation of classes because I am commuter.”

5.Rodrigo Franco Rosas. Civil Engineering. Junior.

“So far so good, but because of the weather and class cancellation I am missing out on classes. It would be good if njit implemented online lectures.”

6. Ramy Bolous. Civil Engineering. Freshmen.

“It’s been a lot of school work.”

7. Yaqoob Yousafzai. Information Technology. Senior.

“It’s been pretty good, the commute has been hard due to the weather conditions.”