/Ask the YAC: Introduction

Ask the YAC: Introduction

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Billy Barry

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The NJIT Young Alumni Club (YAC) is adding a new, monthly feature in December 2014 called Ask the YAC to our weekly column in the NJIT Vector. Each month, we will select up to three questions posed by you, the NJIT student body, and share the answers here in our column.


The questions can be about any aspect of NJIT or your professional career as a whole. Some ideas include asking for help in a specific professional situation, seeking the best tips on what to ask in an interview, or best practices while networking. The list of what you can ask us is endless!

Please submit your non-time-sensitive questions by December 3rd, 2014 to YAC.njit@gmail.com for possible inclusion in the next NJIT Vector print. We will do our best to answer every question, but a maximum of three will be featured in our column.

We look forward to hearing from you!

And as always, if you have any time-sensitive questions or comments, please feel free to email the YAC at YAC.njit@gmail.com. Want to know more about the Young Alumni Club (YAC)? Visit www.njit.edu/alumni/clubs/youngalumni for more information!