Campus Center Banquet

The Campus Center Banquet catered to the organizations on the 4th floor, including senate and administrators. Take a look at the festivities!

MiniThon 2014

The hype exploded as HighlanderThon successfully campaigned for their dance marathon in 2015. Check out the amazing event through these photos!

All Hail the Pocket Protector Brigade

By Brian Pujada One of the more famous quotes in the world of sports was given to us by Bert Bell and it is usually conveyed as follows: “On any given Sunday, any team can…

Film: Moving Moments

Outside of a script’s capacity to make audiences feel a certain way, the ability of an actor to express emotion bring the second most important element to a film. Imagine a dramatic scene. There is…

All According to Plan

You can have the most precise plan mapped out that considers the minutest of details; you may even have a contingency plan for a contingency plan to make sure everything turns out the way that…