/A message from the Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE)

A message from the Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE)

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Martyn Mendyuk

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Martyn Mendyuk

IE can sometimes be an overlooked major; a field that many incoming college students have never heard of, or much less considered. But for a small percentage of NJIT students, Industrial Engineering is the path of choice; and as one of the broadest majors on campus, a path that provides many choices. For these students, the Institute for Industrial Engineers (or IIE) has been a crucial resource for a long time.

An international professional organization, Institute for Industrial Engineers is a proud tool for aforementioned engineers, acting to inform Industrial Engineers of new developments in the field, and to network its members in different industries. The NJIT IIE chapter has hosted events ranging from resume workshops to panel discussions with industry professionals over the course of the past year, all with the goal of helping affiliated students succeed. Students have also been given the opportunity to register with the national organization; in order to gain access to IIE’s exclusive job portal and it’s conferences both regionally and nationally.

Last year the NJIT IIE branch attended its first national conference; sending 11 NJIT students to Nashville, Tennessee for a weekend to network and learn. Through the conference, graduating students managed to secure full time positions at USPS and Judlau Consulting, and one student received an offer for an internship with Spirit Aerosystems, a leading aircraft manufacturer. The current executive board hopes to top last years accomplishments during this year’s national conference, held at Disney World in Anaheim, California.