A Collection of Our Kinks

Each week, students send anonymous text, email, and phone responses to our weekly ‘Collections’ prompt. Send us your response for next week’s prompt: Subtweet someone from the past week. Please use appropriate pronouns to protect identities. Email us at managing-editor@njitvector.com with the subject line ‘Collections’ or text/call us at 973-384- 1895.

Note: All responses are posted exactly as they were received. Understand there is an unwritten [sic] after every possibly erroneous (or not) response. Forward slashes are inserted to indicate line breaks.

“The UC.”

“Baby soft skin.”

“Back muscles.”

“I don’t have one.”

“Romwe. Cheap clothes. Thrifting. Food samples. Free food.”

“Invading personal space.”

“I like ankles and I like watching people type.”

“When people take command of a room and are respected.”

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