Public Safety Blotter

NJIT Vector Summary 3/3/2017

For 2/24/17 through 3/2/17

Times Shown are Times Reported


2:44 AM Officers observed a non-affiliate attempting to break into a parked vehicle on Boyden Street.

The suspect got into an awaiting vehicle and fled west out of the area. The parked vehicle

had ignition damage.

2:49 PM Officers onducted a pedestrian stop at James and Nesbitt Streets after observing a suspicious

hand to hand transaction from a vehicle. A non-affiliate was subsequently arrested for an

Open Warrant.

7:23 PM A student reported the theft of her Bank of America Credit card, cell phone and $50.00. Someone

attempted to use her credit card at a Dunkin Donuts. The card was cancelled by the student.


   6:14 PM Officers arrested four non-affiliates for Trespassing at 17 Greek Way. Three were juveniles who

were released to the custody of their parents. One adult was processed and released with a

court date.

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