The Vector is the independent student newspaper of NJIT, and is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters.

Interested in joining The Vector? Email the editorial board at eboard@njitvector.com for more information.


Our Mission

As the official student newspaper of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, our mission is to inform and entertain our readers, cultivate awareness of issues concerning the NJIT community, and provide a forum for purposeful, constructive discussion among its members.

The Vector is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Herman A. Estrin and Roger Hernandez.


Content Submissions

Deadlines for Articles or Letters to the Editors are due on Thursdays prior to publication at 10 P.M. Submissions should must meet a 400 word minimum while not exceeding 750 words.

For more information and submissions, please email managing-editor@njitvector.com.


Contact Information

For general inquiries, please send a message using the contact form or email the editorial board at eboard@njitvector.com.

Mailing Address
NJIT Campus Center, Room 466
150 Bleeker Street
Newark, NJ 07102

Editorial Board



Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Daniil Ivanov editor-in-chief@njitvector.com
Executive Editor Sandra Raju executive-editor@njitvector.com
Managing Editor Katherine Ji managing-editor@njitvector.com
Business Manager Mark Pothen business-manager@njitvector.com
Web and Multimedia Editor Sreya Das multimedia-editor@njitvector.com
Photography Editor Ethan O’Malley photography-editor@njitvector.com


Senior Staff

Owen Busler

Nicole Cheney

Isaac Scafe

Colin Bayne

Parth Agrawal

Sreya Das

Birju Dhaduk

Luis Andrade


General Staff

Fahim Chowdhury

Ivan Hernandez

John Hawks

Daniel Cruz

Marcello Roth

Prem Naik

Zane Nogueras

Quratulain Malik

Copy Editors

Nicole Cheney

Colin Bayne