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Dani is a student at NJIT and Business Manager of the NJIT Vector. An avid lover of anime and video games, she writes to share her opinions and to enrich in her readers with the things she enjoys. Feel free to email her at business-manager@njitvector.com.

Places to eat on Campus

September 26, 2014 Danielle Judka 0

Are you commuting to school and looking to explore meal options? There’s more to NJIT’s food scene than just GDS, and this helpful guide is here to help you find those places! Just because GDS […]

Mekaku City Actors – First Impressions

April 26, 2014 Danielle Judka 0

I’ll start off this article by explaining what exactly Mekaku City Actors is because it seems like people are getting confused over what the title means. Mekaku City Actors is part of an extended project called Kagerou Days which has multiple […]


April 11, 2014 Danielle Judka 0

There’s never enough SHAFT to share with the world. As my favorite studio to date, regardless of the series they pick to animate, it always gives me something to enjoy in some way. While they’ve […]

First Impressions: Pupa

March 14, 2014 Danielle Judka 0

What’s Pupa? More like…poopa. Here we have a five minute horror short from our good friends Studio DEEN. There’s almost nothing you can really accomplish in five minutes, and I mean that about anything. Be […]

Anime Review: Hamatora

February 17, 2014 Danielle Judka 0

Why is that whenever I type Hamatora…it wants to be corrected to Hamtaro? Hamatora The Animation threw me for a little loop, but not in a bad way. This will be NAZ’s first official anime title, and from […]

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