What is Cultural Appropriation?

February 6, 2018 Rick Cruz 0

L – Rick Cruz Cultural appropriation is the adoption of cultural content from its original creators (usually in the minority) into another ethnic group that commands a wider audience and influence to the masses, (the […]

Students Don’t Care About NJIT

January 30, 2018 Rick Cruz 0

With enough time spent at NJIT, you are bound to find problems with it. There is always something the school is not doing right, whether it is broken chairs in Tiernan, food at GDS dining […]

Thor: Ragnarok Review

December 19, 2017 Rick Cruz 0

Thor: Ragnarok is not a serious film and it does not pretend to be one. The third film in the franchise, Ragnarok took the God of Thunder in a direction many fans never expected with […]