America Has Chosen

December 26, 2016 Ianiz Patchedjiev 0

After almost two years of contentious campaigning in what is considered one of the most negative elections in America’s history, our nation has a new President. Donald Trump, a billionaire with no previous political experience, […]

FBI During the Election

December 26, 2016 Ianiz Patchedjiev 0

The FBI, after recommending that the Department of Justice not bring criminal charges against Clinton over her “careless” use of a private email server, has brought the issue of her deleted emails back into the […]

Final Presidential Debate

December 21, 2016 Ianiz Patchedjiev 0

The third presidential debate will likely go down in history as the dramatic climax to one of the most hotly contested races in modern history. The debate began with an unusual and perhaps symbolic gesture: […]

Politics Blotter: Is anyone happy?

September 21, 2016 Ianiz Patchedjiev 0

As both Presidential candidates prepare for the first presidential debate next Monday night, they continue to release medical information in order to quell any lingering doubts about their health. Notably, Hillary Clinton shocked reporters when […]

US and Russia Agree to New Ceasefire

September 20, 2016 Ianiz Patchedjiev 0

After weeks of intense negotiations between top officials from both nations, the United States and Russia have finally agreed on a comprehensive ceasefire concerning the civil war in Syria. According to major sources, the ceasefire […]