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A game designer/developer who's only trying to make sense of all of the things he's doing through writing about those things or just plain doing them.

Music Thing: Fusq

February 24, 2016 Matthew Maravilla 0

By Matthew Maravilla Music tastes come in all shapes and sizes. There are many different kinds of songs and artists out there. Electro Funk is what you would expect: music with rich highs and good […]

Anime Review: One Punch Man

January 19, 2016 Matthew Maravilla 0

“Saitama’s so strong, he don’t even need hair.” By Matthew Maravilla We’ve heard the infamous debate about who the strongest character is, Naruto’s Goku vs. Marvel’s Superman. Well, there’s a new kid on the block […]

Anime Thing: Plastic Memories

September 10, 2015 Matthew Maravilla 0

Anime Thing: Plastic Memories By Matthew Maravilla In stories, sometimes, the ending can be transparent. We can tell what two characters end up together, who lives and who dies, and most importantly, we get to […]

Remaking Final Fantasy VII

September 10, 2015 Matthew Maravilla 0

By Matthew Maravilla E3 2015 has given us some pretty big bombshells. From Fallout 4 to Shenmue III, the conference definitely had a lot of glitz and glam. However, there was one little game that […]

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