The Comic Crusade Begins

February 9, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

By Scott M. Waldman As of 2016, we have a total of six superhero related films to keep our eyes on. This is the most comic-related content to hit the screen ever (until 2017, which […]

The Martian (2015) Review

February 2, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

By Scott M. Waldman Space…the place Matt Damon has been to twice (2014, 2015) and both times he has required a rescue mission where he has either went insane in completing his mission (Interstellar) or […]

Creed (2015) Review

January 26, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

Creed (2015) Review By Scott M. Waldman   In life and on the field, a warrior must define themselves by their instruments of choice and the ways of utilizing their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. […]

Film Review: Spectre (2015)

November 18, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

Spectre (2015) By Scott M. Waldman   James Bond, as a spy in both film and literature, has graced the screen in many outings over multiple decades with multiple actors who have portrayed 007 including […]

Film: Cameos

November 12, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

Cameos By Scott M. Waldman An amazing activity that goes on in the film industry is how special guests appear in certain films, whether it be in a short cameo appearance, or as a small […]

Are We Scared Anymore?

October 29, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

Are We Scared Anymore? By: Scott M. Waldman   Horror movies in particular are a very broad category of film and literature that appear at multiple points throughout the year. These films are made to […]

The End is here?

October 29, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

The End is here? By Scott M. Waldman   The unimaginable has happened; asteroids hurdling towards the Earth, hail the size of minivans, dogs and cats are living together… locust! The world is nearing its […]

Film Thirty: Dystopia in a Bottle

October 2, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

Thirty: Dystopia in a Bottle By Scott M. Waldman “Imagine a city beyond imagination. Free from…” Wait a minute. This message sounds familiar doesn’t it? It appears often over multiple forms of media, where a […]

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