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Ben Seidman at NJIT

April 29, 2016 Vector Staff 0

By Melanie Bucoy, staff writer If you were one of the lucky students to attend NJIT SAC’s Java House on Thursday April 21, then you would know that comedian and magician, Ben Seidman, has been […]

See You On the Other Side

April 29, 2016 Vector Staff 0

Editorial: See You On the Other Side A sappy editorial where I describe some feelings graduating seniors are experiencing Stephen Chan The end of this semester marks the end of many college careers for millions […]

What’s Happening to Allen White?

April 29, 2016 Vector Staff 0

By Babatunde Ojo Currently, Allen White is the Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life at NJIT. However, rumors among the student body, particularly fraternity and sorority leaders speculate that White will be taking on […]

Lead in Water at NJIT

April 29, 2016 Vector Staff 0

By Collin Urban Recently, NJIT was forced to shut off several water fountains and other fixtures in the wake of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) announcing that tests for lead returned levels higher […]

On Perfectionism

April 29, 2016 Vector Staff 0

By Nanditha Lakshmanan Maybe it’s just me, or maybe the desire is innate in all of us: the desire to be the most intelligent, most attractive, most talented, most creative, and most liked. Most perfect. […]

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