About Xavier
My name is Xavier and I'm happy for your interest in reading this and you are probably interested in cars like me too. But in truth, I'm not a huge fan of cars as a trend. I'm a driver and I enjoy driving. On occasion, a fast sports car is fun and a joy to play with but its all about the long trips to the shore or getting stuck in rush hour that shows how good the car is to drive. Friend's call me X and some even call me Asian Guy because I'm Asian. If you like to know more about certain features of a car or questions about how something works, feel free to email me.

Car Corner Ford Fiesta

December 9, 2013 Xavier 0

I was going to try out a nice small sports car for this week, but the dealership (who will not be named) was not very professional and I would not go back for anything, even […]

Invasion of the Italians

October 7, 2013 Xavier 0

When I first heard that Fiat is going to make an invasion with their tiny 500, and once I found my closest dealership, I had to see what’s what. This little car has many varieties […]

The Smart Fortwo

October 6, 2013 Xavier 0

Save money, get smart: the Smart Fortwo I recently picked up a nice hobby: road-testing cars with some friends. I started on something small… really small. With a total length of 106.1 inches, the Smart […]

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