Fifteen: Romance, on Screen

February 16, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

The theme of love conquering all forces of darkness and villainy reoccurs in the plotlines of many films, books, and TV shows. The highs and lows of characters in romantic relationships are so volatile that […]

What to stream this week: Semi-Romance

February 10, 2015 Martyn Mendyuk 0

Mr.Nobody (Movie) Mr.Nobody is nothing short of a masterpiece. The arthouse French romantic Sci-Fi movie (all of the characters speak English throughout) explores the nature of choice in our lives. The film alternates between the […]

Big Eyes (2014) Review

February 10, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

Tim Burton’s latest drama, Big Eyes, takes us to the time when women began to fight for equal recognition for their achievements. Back then, man’s work was seen as dominant in the art world, and […]

New Year’s Resolution

January 30, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

New Year’s Resolution Erick Allas Hello fellow Highlanders! We’re back in school and a new year is starting up! The cold front hit us during our break. The cool breeze turned into ice and the […]

Film: Animation in Domination

November 20, 2014 Scott Waldmann 0

Over the years, storytelling has developed new mediums. From beloved childhood picture books, to the animated classics of the mid-1900’s, and currently to the computer animated features that companies release seasonally. All of these journeys […]

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