New Year’s Resolution

January 30, 2015 Scott Waldmann 0

New Year’s Resolution Erick Allas Hello fellow Highlanders! We’re back in school and a new year is starting up! The cold front hit us during our break. The cool breeze turned into ice and the […]

Film: Animation in Domination

November 20, 2014 Scott Waldmann 0

Over the years, storytelling has developed new mediums. From beloved childhood picture books, to the animated classics of the mid-1900’s, and currently to the computer animated features that companies release seasonally. All of these journeys […]

Film Column #6: Trailers

November 5, 2014 Vector Staff 0

By Scott M. Waldman The film is announced, photos blanket everyone’s screensavers and profile pictures, and interviews commence. What comes next is the crowning achievement of film advertisement: the trailer. The trailer allows for each […]

Film Column #5: Remakes

October 29, 2014 Vector Staff 0

The good old days had many great film franchises that started as a single movie. It might have built up to a cycle of sequels, maybe a prequel, and eventually after decades of neglect, a […]

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