Leonard Cohen

December 29, 2016 Daniel Young 0

Well-known as a singer-songwriter from the late 60’s, Leonard Cohen was born in on September 21st, 1934 in Westmount, Canada. From that time until his death this November, Leonard had reached thousands of people through […]

Lookbook ft. Claudia Chen

December 29, 2016 Karen Ayoub 0

Inspiration can come from any place when it comes to fashion. For Claudia Chen, a first year biology major, this is certainly the case. Her casual yet chic sense of style is very much nuanced. […]

Pages Restaurant

December 28, 2016 Josh Rincon 0

I recently took a journey into the unknown territory of Halsey Street and Downtown Newark. On an obscure portion of this street we ran into Pages Restaurant. It’s a buffet within walking distance of NJIT/Rutgers, […]

Dinosaur BBQ

December 26, 2016 Josh Rincon 0

Ever take a trip down by the Prudential Center to see a Devils game, a Seton Hall game or any other event? Ever taken a look on the corner there and seen the big sign […]

Lookbook ft. Mayowa Adedeji

December 21, 2016 Karen Ayoub 0

“The eyes are a window into the soul” – forget that. Clothing is a window into the soul, especially for Mayowa Adedeji, an NJIT graduate student. Mayowa, or “Mayo – like the condiment” as he […]

Whose Modernity/Antiquity?

December 21, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

The ways in which the many fields of study offered here relate to one another constitutes its own special study that offers limitless opportunities in the workforce. Interdisciplinary studies provides many possibilities to discover the […]

Why do you Do, What you Do?

October 18, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

Everything that can occur within a film and some parts of life should have a reason for its occurrence. Every act, every scene, and every action should lead into a later scene in order to […]

What Makes a Film ‘Great’?

September 21, 2016 Scott Waldmann 0

Every year, a new batch of films arrives to replace the previous year’s hits or misses which either solidifies or loosens the previous-previous year’s grasp of memorable films while also loosening the previous-previous-previous hold year’s […]

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