October 8, 2013 Matthew Maravilla 0

There are games in this world that just surprise me when I see them. From classics like Street Fighter 2 to modern day hits like Skullgirls, fighting games have been one of my go-to genres. […]

Rogue Legacy

October 6, 2013 Matthew Maravilla 0

This summer was a pretty crazy time for indie games. One of the biggest games to come out this summer was Rogue Legacy by Cellar Door games. Rogue Legacy’s a rogue-like action-platformer RPG set in […]

Saints Row IV

October 6, 2013 Ayodeji Asagaba 0

Hey, You got your Crackdown in my GTA! Hey there, NJIT. Hope your summer was awesome, extensive and spent relaxing your mind for the upcoming semester. Here to help squeeze some more fun out of […]

Vatsu’s Game Reviews: GTA V

September 30, 2013 Ayodeji Asagaba 0

Ayodeji Asagba After 5 long years since Rockstar’s last open world flagship title, GTA IV, (or 3 years, if you count the equally awesome Red Dead Redemption) comes the next outing here to steal the […]

Indie Game Thing: Gone Home

September 30, 2013 Matthew Maravilla 0

Matthew Maravilla Most video games have a sort of fantasy to them. Where else can one experience being a bear driving a semi-truck or being a cheerleader killing zombies with a chainsaw? In my opinion, […]

Yearly Recap

April 24, 2013 Matthew Maravilla 0

It’s been one hell of a year, hasn’t it. I’ve played a bunch of free games and reviewed a bunch of others. It’s funny, actually, because I never thought, before I entered college, that I […]

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