Teachers Walk out of Class

April 17, 2018 Nicole Cheney 0

After nearly two weeks without class for half a million Oklahoma public school students, the teachers’ walkout has come to a conclusion. The president of the Oklahoma Education Association, Alicia Priest, has called for an […]

Senate President Profiles

April 17, 2018 Rick Cruz 0

Kellen Kadakia     Kellen is currently the Executive Board’s Secretary to the President, a Sophomore Biology major, and has worked on several Senate Subcommittees and proposals.  Kellen is currently the Executive Board’s Secretary to […]

Syrian Chemical Attack

April 17, 2018 Quratulain Malik 0

The war in Syria is nowhere near resolution and as more fatalities occur, more human rights and war crimes occur. The latest weapons being used against civilians in Syria are chemical weapons. On Saturday, April […]

The Current State of Politics

September 28, 2017 Babatunde Ojo 1

Liberal – Babatunde Ojo The current state of politics is not that different when compared to any other era. Despite the advances made in technology, people still end up misinformed or trapped watching, listening or […]

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