Students Claim NJIT Advising is Adequate

January 23, 2018 Babatunde Ojo 0

In a recent survey conducted by NJIT’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness, over a thousand students contributed their opinion regarding the service provided by their academic advisor. The results of the survey were positive overall with […]

NJIT 2020 Vision

September 15, 2017 Katrina David 2

Two years into the 2020 Vision plan, NJIT has been initiating a number of changes across campus – and students have started to notice. Dubbed the “blueprint for achieving the vision shared by the NJIT […]

NJIT Raises Price of Parking

September 6, 2017 Babatunde Ojo 0

For Full Time Commuters, the price to register has increased yearly, from twenty-five dollars in 2013, to thirty, thirty-five, and forty dollars each following year For the fourth consecutive year in a row, NJIT has […]

US Senators Pushed to Pay Up

May 1, 2018 Victoria Nguyen 0

Male republican U.S. senators do not believe that they should pay for their own sexual harassment settlements. As of Thursday April 19, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was the only male senator of his party to […]

Growing Pains

May 1, 2018 Victoria Nguyen 0

What I am going to say next will likely be an unpopular opinion: I am going to miss school.   Rest assured—I will not miss the incessant studying or the stress over common exams. Instead, I […]

NJIT Mourns a Loss

May 1, 2018 Rick Cruz 0

                      Timothy Hesson, a third-year civil engineering student who died of heart failure on April 13, 2018 was remembered as a passionate gamer and hiker […]

My Safe Haven

May 1, 2018 Jaime Felice 0

I come from a small suburban town about forty minutes west of New York City, giving me an easy way to describe where I live to those who aren’t from here. My town lies in […]

Trip to the Land of the Yankees

May 1, 2018 Kizito Eke 0

My heart jumps into my tummy. I look around.  Everyone on board seems unbothered except these two innocent kids, sitting next to me with their mom, probably in her forties. They grip her hands – […]

Meet Kellen Kadakia

May 1, 2018 Rick Cruz 0

Rick:Senate President Kellen, congratulations on the victory.  So how do you feel right now as you transition?   Kellen:I started off my Senate career as a student at large, which as you know, is basically a […]

Ono Grinds Poke

May 1, 2018 Shanee Halevi 0

Ono Grinds Poké is a bright and tropical oasis in the midst of downtown Newark, just a 10-minute walk from campus. Named after the Hawaiian slang for “delicious food,” Ono Grinds serves fresh, energizing, and […]

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