Around the World 2-14

February 21, 2017 Ujjwala Rai 0

ASIA Philippines- Geraldine Roman made history in the Philippines by becoming the first transgender woman to be elected as a Congress politician, representing her hometown province of Bataan. In an interview with CNN, Roman says […]

Oracle Sued By U.S Department of Labor

February 9, 2017 Riya Parmar 0

Last week, Oracle was sued by the U.S Department of Labor for their reported unethical hiring process and the wage gap between white males and minorities. The Labor Department stated that the company’s compensation policies […]

Kappa Phi Gamma is at NJIT

October 18, 2016 Liem Ho 0

Pictured left to right are the five founding sisters of the Sigma Colony of Kappa Phi Gamma: Keya Shah (President), Sneha Nambiar (Secretary), Mounika Ponakala (Treasurer), Bansari Patel (Vice President External) and Sarika Bhavsar (Vice […]

Mafia Involvement in Earthquake Aftermath

September 16, 2016 Colin Bayne 0

On Wednesday, August 24, Italy was struck by a devastating earthquake, which destroyed several ancient towns and killed upwards of 290 people. However, several buildings which were newly built and thought to be quake-proof also […]

Printing Revolution

October 21, 2014 Amy Ng 1

It’s been brought to the attention of both the Student Senate and the Technology Support Center (TSC) that an inconvenience for a student is not being able to print documents with ease. Surprisingly, there are […]

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