Women of the Future

March 27, 2018 Guest 0

2018 marks the fourth year the Women Designing the Future Conference was held at NJIT. This year’s conference focused on environmental studies and how across the world, we can do more with less. There were […]

Students Don’t Care About NJIT

January 30, 2018 Rick Cruz 0

With enough time spent at NJIT, you are bound to find problems with it. There is always something the school is not doing right, whether it is broken chairs in Tiernan, food at GDS dining […]

President Trump Supports Women in STEM

March 25, 2017 Katrina David 0

Amidst the controversy surrounding President Trump’s time in office, from the travel ban to the buzz around his administration’s alleged ties to Russia, the President has also been busy signing other bills that are set […]