On Camera

March 27, 2018 Akinlolu Aguda 0

Taking photos has always been a part of people’s live. However, with smartphones and apps for people to share their photos, moments, locations, and “memories,” have things gone too far? Technology has improved immensely since […]

Tech Talk: Pocket Casts

September 6, 2017 Babatunde Ojo 0

Platforms Available On: iOS & Android Cost: $3.99 When traveling long distance there tends to be a need to fill in the gap with something worth your time. When you are tired of listening to […]

The Rise and Fall of Beme

March 24, 2017 Joshua Vega 0

  It is not all that uncommon to see a social media platform rise and fall over the course of several months. There are many examples of platforms that experience a sudden (sometimes unexpected) initial […]

Oculus Rift

October 23, 2016 Fatima Chaudhry 0

Oculus has just released a new VR Oculus Rift, another virtual reality gaming system in the same vein as the Sony Playstation VR and HTC Vive. This was done with collaboration with Windows and retailers […]

“Yak” It Up

October 7, 2014 Akshay Somana 0

A new craze has swept across American college campuses in the form of a little app called “Yik Yak.” The premise of the new iOS/Android application is simple: you can see the posts of people […]

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