Game Profile

Game Profile

By Matthew Maravilla

Since this is NJIT, of course a lot of the students here play video games. One might ask, why don’t we have a club on just playing video games? Well, unless you don’t consider the basement of the Campus Center as part of the school, we do! The Game Club is a club dedicated to just that, playing video games socially and competitively.

About The Author

Ayodeji Asagaba

Hey everyone, Ayodeji "Vatsu" Asagba, the master of all things that bleep. bloop and/or bop on campus. As a hardcore gamer I pride myself in having a vast assortment and knowledge of all the prior and upcoming games out there, regardless of console (except Mac, cause eww) and I hope my reviews provide a helpful insight for those of you on the fence about certain purchases, or that they at least help entertain you. For any questions, comments, input, or if you would want to play something together, please feel free to email me at

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