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Name: Jeremy Borghi

Major: Digital Design

Year: 3rd year

Organization: Sigma Pi

Initiation Semester: Spring 2011

Aside from working for the Department of Public Works in Haworth, NJ for the past three summers Jeremy has been working for his dad’s company Built Right Builders, installing whole house generators. As far as volunteer work goes, Jeremy has helped set up events in his town and assisted the parks and playground committee. He has also done various volunteer work with his brothers in his organization such as feeding the homeless near Penn Station, doing an alternative spring break to rebuild the Jersey shore, and general fundraising. You wouldn’t think someone as busy as this could handle more work on top of all this, but Jeremy is also very involved in his organization, with being the current President of Sigma Pi Fraternity, and holding past positions including Vice President.

Although at first Jeremy went Greek because of the social and networking aspects of the lifestyle, once he became a new member he realized that there is so much more than that to Greek Life, like the volunteer work and leadership opportunities, which he took full advantage of. Greek Life opened up Jeremy to new experiences he didn’t even see coming, and that is the reason Jeremy thinks students should go Greek. Greek Life definitely adds another layer of social dynamics that keeps you entertained.

When asked what kind of advice he would give to someone interested in going Greek, Jeremy responded, “Listen to yourself when making the decision. It is a big decision so it should ultimately be up to you, because you have to be fully committed for it to be worthwhile, or else you end up like another dead beat doing nothing for their chapters.” It’s a lifelong commitment that requires a lot of thinking. Going Greek is always some of the best decisions of most Greeks’ lives, as it helps them in so many ways that they don’t even realize. Greek Life has helped Jeremy by teaching him to manage his time better, take responsibility for a large group of people and delegate tasks better. Overall, it has made him a well rounded man.

Jeremy wants a stronger sense of brotherhood within the future members. He also would like to see the Sigma Pi Fraternity House get restored to its former glory. One of his own personal future goals include helping restore the house by repairing the roof with his dad and all his fraternity brothers. Further down the line Jeremy would like to work for a design firm such as BMW or something automotive. When asked how he thinks Greek Life helps NJIT as a whole, Jeremy responded, “It adds more opportunities for students to get involved in something besides just school. It also looks good for NJIT when Greeks are doing community service on campus.”

As far as advice goes, Jeremy has two things to say: “For people whose excuse for not joining Greek Life is that they don’t have “enough time,” stop using that excuse, because you make time for what is actually important to you. It actually helps you time manage better, so you have more free time than you did before joining Greek Life.” Also, for future Greek members, “Keep up the good work and just keep in mind the reasons you joined your organization whenever making a big decision in your life.”

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