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Yvonne Chen

Managing Editor

This time last year, I was suddenly and somewhat unwillingly thrust into the position of Managing Editor. To be honest, my first reaction was worry. I knew my personality. I was the shy, quiet one, the introvert whose palms sweated and heart pounded when speaking to a group of more than three people. I was so certain that my clumsy attempts would bring crashing down what my predecessors had worked so hard to build.

But people change, and I am now thankful to everyone who voted me in that day. I would not trade my experiences with The Vector over this past year for anything else. I’ve rubbed shoulders with administrators and faculty, attended countless campus events, and gotten the inside scoop on news not yet publicized. I’ve overseen our talented staff members, watching them grow and learn over the year while honing my writing skills by editing their work. These people deserve more credit than I can fit into a few short sentences. Quite obviously, we wouldn’t have content without their contributions, but they bring so much more to the table. Our staff’s individual talents, interests and personalities mesh together in ways that creates a positive, comfortable working environment, steadily drawing the attention of curious outsiders – some of whom become staff members themselves. Vector staff, please don’t leave. (Though I would appreciate stricter adherence to submission deadlines!) I’d also like to give a shout out to Bob and Miriam, our supportive advisors who undoubtedly handled many unseen tasks to help keep us afloat.

Most importantly, I could not have accomplished all I have without two groups: the rest of the e-board (Jed, Dani, Lou, and Leonard), and my friends.

E-boarders, our Facebook conversations kept me sane when schoolwork, life responsibilities and unedited articles piled high. Although we’ve had our share of conflicts, I like to think that each resolution left us stronger and brought us closer together. This year, we’ve experimented with many changes, some effective and others not so much, but overall we’ve set a new standard for what the Vector can be. We’ve established a solid foundation to build on in coming years. Lou, I will miss your cynical observations on life and your friendly face in the office. I look forward to discovering what Hari will add to our little band. Jed, thank you for being the voice of reason whenever I start freaking out over speaking to administrators and handling sensitive situations. Dani, you’ve matured so much this year and I’m proud of you; you always bring a spark of life into those slow days. Leonard, always level headed, always putting up with our minute layout corrections and photo requests – yes, you should take over as Editor in Chief next year.

To my friends, who’ve put up with declined hangout plans, last minute cancellations and a stressed out version of the usual me, yet still treated me like the greatest friend and confidante around, baked me tasty treats for those long nights, or let me get away with not pulling my weight on homework or group tasks, you don’t know how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you. Hopefully, taking on a lighter load next semester means I’ll have more time to create unforgettable memories with all of you.

NJIT community, thanks for reading. We listen to every piece of criticism you give us, and incorporate it into our continuous plan for improvement. Every member of the Vector staff was in your shoes once as readers, rather than creators, of the newspaper. We know that there are aspects you’re still unhappy with, we’re learning what works and doesn’t work for you, and we remain committed to remaining a definitive source of campus and local news. Keep an eye out for our website as we roll out the redesign, which should help deliver content to you in a more timely and convenient fashion. My personal goal next year is to source writers who enjoy and are capable of capturing relevant issues around campus. Tired of those leaky taps in the Campus Center? I will find a writer to listen to your concerns and bring them to the attention of the community. Want to highlight a scientific breakthrough by an NJIT faculty member that is celebrated worldwide but relatively unknown at home? Drop me an email or phone call.

Though a little nervous, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in the coming year. There will be new obstacles to overcome, new faces to meet and new stories to tackle. As always, I will continue to go above and beyond in carrying out my duties to make the Vector as great as we can imagine it to be.

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