On behalf of ACM

On behalf of ACM

Response to ACM Article

Rocco Ricciardi

Editor’s note: The original article mentioned below was submitted to The Vector by an ACM member who asked to remain unnamed. The Vector was not involved in writing the article.

ACM is not often featured in the Vector. Our endeavors are varied and many, but they do not often see publication in the university newspaper. On the week of February 11, an article was submitted to the Vector regarding recent events involving the ACM office. Certain statements were made that did not accurately represent the truth, and we, as an organization, would like to clarify some of what was said in order to clear up some of the confusion that has arisen. Firstly, the article stipulated that ACM was forced to buy additional tables because we were losing office space. This is not true. We bought those tables on our own accord over the break prior to knowing that the space was being lost. The article claimed that the PhD students that would use the space did not exist. Naturally, they were not happy to hear this when they read the article. They do exist, and they hope to increase their numbers in the future, hence the need for their own space.

Furthermore, the article stipulated that Dr. Mili had recently returned from a five-year sabbatical, having owned the space before the ACM acquired it. Dr. Mili had indeed owned the space, but he willingly gave it to ACM. At some point, he did leave for sabbatical, but not for nearly as long as was indicated. He saw a need for his graduate students to have a space, and he requested the space that used to belong to him, GITC 4402 (the ACM office). A dividing line was determined and ACM ceded part of its office to Dr. Mili.

ACM would like to assert that it continues to enjoy good relations with the College of Computing Sciences, and we are doing our best to operate in the same capacity as we have in the past. We would like to assert that the opinions stated in that article do not necessarily represent the opinions of ACM or its officers. Due to a clear lack of communication between all parties involved, inaccurate things were printed under our name. We hope that this clarifies any confusion that may have arisen from what was printed or implied, and that the university understands ACM’s position more fully.

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