Pi Kappa Phi: Never Doubt that a Small Group of People can Change the World

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Deepika Misra

These past two days were quite the experience for the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. This semester, the Beta Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity has done something that they have never done before: they hosted a bike-a-thon for 48 hours straight to benefit Push America! During previous semesters, Pi Kappa Phi only ran this philanthropy event for 24 hours. But this semester, they wanted to break their own record and go the extra distance. It surely has paid off. Pi Kappa Phi managed to raise not only awareness for people for disabilities, but also managed to raise hundreds of dollars, about $500-$600 to be exact. This is a huge accomplishment for the Beta Alpha chapter as they continue to reach new heights.

When asked the Vice President of Pi Kappa Phi to describe his experience, he responded, “We, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi, have been raising awareness for people with disabilities. We’re raising awareness today by pedaling a bicycle. It’s great to see brothers, new members and friends putting a lot of effort in supporting Push America. We have been pedaling for 48 hours, and collecting donations. This event was a lot of fun and we even camped on the green. The event still went on rain or shine.”

Pi Kappa Phi was blessed to have a beautiful day on Tuesday. NJIT’s campus was lively and full of action that day as students got out of their dorms and engaged in activities on the Green. It was a fun experience indeed. Wednesday came along and provided them with another fantastic day as they continued to receive numerous donations and had fun bonding with brothers. Later that night, it began to rain. But that did not damper their spirits as the brothers continued to bike in the rain and still get donations. This goes to show how dedicated they are to their philanthropy.

Derek Torres, the President of Pi Kappa Phi states, “I must say, I have always enjoyed helping out in the Bike-A-Thon. This semester by far was my favorite though. As long as I have been a brother, I have never seen us make as much money as we did this semester. For that, I am pleased to congratulate Andy Sindt on his efforts. He worked extremely hard to make this happen and it paid off. I am proud to have a brother such as him and hope that new brothers will learn a thing or two from his leadership.”

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