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Danielle Judka

When I wonder about my daily life, I often attach a soundtrack to it, a series of songs I consider to be fitting for my situation. I could be walking around campus, and, say, if I was feeling mellow, I would play something more on the soothing side to match the mood. That’s not to say I’m trying to “match” music to when I’m upset, it’s just sometimes it helps to match the mood to the music when appropriate.

I chose this topic thinking maybe people out there would feel something similar. Recent events lead me to believe that there’s a song for everything. If I’m happy, there’s a happy song. If I’m upset, there’s a sad song. And as I’ve learned throughout the years of listening to music, someone out there has written a song similar enough to what you’re feeling.

There are a couple of songs that tug at my heartstrings of course, so whenever I hear them I instantly feel either a chill or a sense of relation to the song. Sometimes in certain trains of thought, I imagine scenarios to the song or recall the past where the song was fitting.

Living on the shore made enjoying music even more enjoyable, since I could hear start-up bands trying to get somewhere while rocking out the beach. Concerts are great too (depending on the band, of course) because you can see the passion that these artists pour into the music they create for not just fans, but for the world. In a way, music brings together so many different types of people that it’s a universal topic starter. Music is supposed to bring people together, and it does just that.

I began to realize life is really how a song is made. If you want to create a good song, you have to put a lot of passion into it. If you want a lax song, then just take it easy. If you want some fun, grab some friends and make some good music together. Music is relative to everyone regardless of any genre. So you should follow your rhythm in life and step to it as you continue with the stages of your life.

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Danielle Judka

Dani is a student at NJIT and Business Manager of the NJIT Vector. An avid lover of anime and video games, she writes to share her opinions and to enrich in her readers with the things she enjoys. Feel free to email her at business-manager@njitvector.com.

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