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Fatima Ali

As an STS major, I love to see how technology is changing the way we lead our lives every day. For one, it is changing the way we manage our health. Although some may argue that we are too dependent on our iPads and smartphones, these devices allow individuals to take more control of our lifestyle choices. The best apps are those which motivate you to track and maintain a healthy life. Following are my favorite apps for improving your health.


This app helps you keep track and share your running route. It also has predetermined running routines with audio cues for interval training that tell you to pick up the pace if you are slowing down. Additionally, you can still listen to your music while running, which many studies suggest increase your speed and endurance.


What’s a better incentive to work out than getting paid? This app allows you to earn money for going to your gym or even working out at home using its at-home workout options. Additionally, it can be integrated with RunKeeper (see previous). This app is awesome for people who have trouble committing to exercise schedules.


This app is awesome for new and experienced dieters alike. With just a swipe of a barcode, Fooducate grades your food by telling you what it contains. Additionally, it offers healthier alternatives to not-so-healthy foods. As someone blessed with a decent metabolism, I put little thought into what I was eating until I got this app. By learning what is inside my food, I have started eating healthier and see positive changes in my mood and energy level.

Sleep Cycle

Study after study is indicating that sleep is a major part of our overall health; whether it be regarding weight loss or memory. This app uses the accelerometer of your phone to determine what sleep phase you are in; waking you up during your lightest sleep phase. I use this app after working a 7pm-7am shift in the Emergency Department and I have found that I wake up more refreshed and alert.

Though you may have mixed views on our increasing dependence on technology, there are a multitude of apps out there which can help you learn how to live a healthier life. As an overachiever, I know it can be hard to take care of your body while juggling school and extracurriculars. However, these apps are made for people on the go. Will you die without these apps? Probably not. But we need to build healthy habits early if we hope to be fit in the future. Now, go download these apps.

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