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Fariha Tasneem

It’s yours if you want it, but you still have to work for it. Remember that nothing in this world is free. If it comes to you too easy, there is always a cost.

The world has a funny way of thanking you – it’s called karma. It’s thanking you even when it hits, and it’s thanking you even when it’s kissing you.

For as long as you care about other people’s opinion of you, you will be unhappy. Just be a good human being for yourself, that’s all you need to be happy.

Just because you’re majoring in one thing doesn’t mean you can’t try other things (half of the mayors you know now are college dropouts). So do something that you want to for the heck of it.

The world does not revolve around you. Stop talking about yourself and your accomplishments for one second and listen to someone else talking about themselves for straight 2 hours; that’s how we feel when you start talking.

If you are a commuter, this week you will spend more time waiting for the train, bus or any other kind of transportation method you might use than the actual total transportation time.

Fariha Tasneem

Keep calm this week. Lots of things will come your way that will get on your nerves and frustrate you beyond your wildest dreams.

I agree, going to school and being a good student turned you into a pretty boring person, but it will all be worth it at the end, when you can travel the world and afford almost everything!

Get some sleep, because you don’t make any sense right now when you talk or do just about anything; you just ain’t in your right mind.

Get your homework done when you are on campus so you don’t have to think about it when you get home, because this week is going to be really hectic.

Throw yourself into random situations and random conversation! It will be an adventure and you will finally have something to talk about.

Have a budget! You are spending more than you are earning and anyone with any bit of common sense will disapprove of this action of yours, Sir or Ma’am.

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