My Almost “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” Experience: A “Juicing” Journey

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My Almost “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” Experience: A “Juicing” Journey

Ruchi Dattani

Last year, I watched a documentary called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. Joe Cross, an obese and sick Australian Entrepreneur, subjected himself to a rather unconventional diet. For 60 days, Joe committed himself to only drinking juices made of fresh fruits and vegetables. The reason this food addict put himself through the torture of only drinking juice was because he was diagnosed with a uncommon medical condition that caused hive breakouts over his body without warning. To get this condition under control, Joe was prescribed several pills a day. However, his condition grew incredibly frustrating because most of the time, the medication was not effective. He decided to take matters in his own hands and decided to start “juicing”. By the time he successfully ended his fast he was able to get off his entire prescription.

This past summer I started working and had no time to eat a healthy home cooked meal. As a result, I turned to fast food and quickly gained some weight. On top of that, I developed a really brutal and chronic cough that was uncomfortable, to say the least. I had to see the doctor for it three times in a period of two months and the prescribed medication only suppressed it. Much like Joe, I felt frustrated with my health. At twenty two, I did not want to be dependent on prescription medication to get through my day. I decided to try the most modest juice plan, the three day plan, from Joe’s website ( As stated on the website, I experienced headaches and nausea when I first started the diet, and it was extremely difficult to cut out large amounts of carbohydrates from my diet. However, at the end of Day 2 and all throughout Day 3 I felt great. I continued juicing after Day 3 by substituting a green vegetable juice for dinner. I ended up losing 5 lbs in a week and got rid of my cough entirely in a month. On top of that, I overcame serious joint pains I have had since I was a child, in only a month!

Now I eat healthier by sticking to raw fruits and vegetables and only occasionally indulge in fast food. I think juicing is great because it trains your taste buds to crave healthier foods. Consequently, weight loss is almost effortless! In my opinion, it was a smart lifestyle change and I would recommend it to everyone.

DISCLAIMER: Joe Cross and the website recommend getting guidance from a nutritionist before starting the fast.

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