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Briana Mancenido

On Wednesday, September 25, many NJIT students took their first Math common exam of the semester. How did they choose to celebrate the end of their 85 minute exam? With ice cream, of course.

The Student Activities Council (SAC) hosted the Post-Common Ice Cream Giveaway at the Pub immediately after the end of exams as a way for students to de-stress after days of studying. Students were greeted with classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Aside from ice cream, students were also given the option to indulge in pastries such as muffins, danishes, and doughnuts. Even pie was an option, with choices ranging from apple to blueberry pie.

There was a long line winding around the hallway outside the Pub, but the hungry students agreed that it would be worth the wait. Among those standing on line was Justin Mangaoang, a freshman majoring in computer science, who had just completed his Math 112 common. When asked if he was excited for the ice cream, he answered, “Yes, if it’s better than the GDS ice cream!”

Freshman Tariq Khan, a computer science major, said he “felt confident” walking into the room for his Math 108 exam, but felt “slightly less so afterwards”. It’s for students such as Khan that SAC provides the ice cream giveaways after every Math common.

“It increases [students’] morale,” said Kevin Kelly, President of SAC. Kelly was present for the entire event to help ensure its smooth running.

The long line dwindled quickly as SAC members speedily scooped ice cream and handed out pastries. Students relaxed and cooled down with their friends as they happily chowed down their food.

Exam takers gave nothing but high marks about the ice cream. “The ice cream was unreal and the pie was radical!” said Mangaoang.

Jake Convery, a freshman computer engineering major, felt good after taking his Math 111 exam, but he was more than content after finishing his ice cream. “The ice cream made me feel even better,” said Convery. “It was better than GDS, although I will go back to GDS for more,” he laughed.

The Student Activities Council often hosts events for students with such giveaways. As president, Kelly loves making his fellow classmates happy. “I get to bring joy and happiness to all,” he said, even going on to calling himself Santa.

For new members interested in joining SAC, meetings are Wednesday nights at 9:15 on the fourth floor of the Campus Center.

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