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Fred Dumorne

School is back, it’s Fall, and I can’t help but notice how crowded the gym is. From my own experiences, I could tell who has some sort of knowledge about the exercises they are doing and who has no clue at all. Most people say, “lifting weights is easy.” Those are the same people that usually end up with injuries, or whom you will probably see at the Gym for months but never improve.

“Lifting weights” is not about picking up the weights and swinging it back and forth with no purpose. It’s not about trying to lift the heaviest weights on your first set for barely 1 rep. It’s not about doing the exercise the way that is most convenient for you. It is, rather, doing exercises the proper way they should be done.

With proper form, you see better results, will grow the muscle faster and, over time, grow stronger and be able to lift heavier weights. The most important concern about proper form is to avoid injuries. If you are injured you can’t work out, and if you can’t work out you can’t grow and or get any stronger.

Here are 3 simple tips to enjoy a good workout by doing it the proper way and see progress in the future. First, before picking up any weights to start exercises, do a couple of warm-up exercises. Next, perform some light stretches to warm up your muscles and improve flexibility, which helps to avoid injury. Thirdly, always use a spotter, in case you push yourself too far. There’s no shame in needing a little assistance.

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