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Engineering Recipes: Greek Salmon Parcels

As an adventurous foodie and an explorer of culturally diverse cuisine, there are times when my feet hurt too much to travel through NYC streets looking for new treats. Then there are days when I want something new and different to satisfy the cravings of sweet, spicy, or anything that leaves my tongue fulfilled.

During those times, a friendly internet website known as YouTube reaches out and offers recommendations of recipes not yet seen or tasted. Aside from popular shows such as Good Eats with Alton Brown or Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cooking Course, there are many different channels out there that both teach and entertain with culinary cuisine in mind.

You may have watched a crazy concoction from Epic Meal Time (you may very well die, if you try soloing any of their dishes), a Japanese dish made simple from Cooking with Dog, learned a few culinary shortcuts from FudeHouse or maybe went traditional and healthy with Tastemade.

This week’s recipe is a twist based off of Sorted’s Greek Salmon Parcel that is easy to make, but made simpler without the need of a blender. If you’d like to view the original recipe, take a glance over at!/greeksalmon.

Prep Time: 15-20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2-4

•Salmon Fillets, skinned
A half pound sliced into four equal pieces works here.
•½ Cup of Fresh Spinach, diced as small as possible
Although the original recipe calls for us to wilt the Spinach down and dry it out, the taste of fresh spinach works wonders.
•Feta Cheese, crumbled
•Butter, melted
•Puff Pastry
They used Filo Pastry, but that is usually harder to find than Puff Pastry sheets and for many chefs, it’s easier to handle Puff Pastry sheets as they’re more durable and have a crisp, fluffy texture.
•Garlic, diced as small as possible
•Olives, diced as small as possible.

•In a mixing bowl, add the Diced Spinach, Crumble Feta Cheese, Honey, Garlic and Olives and mix well. If a smoother consistency is required, mash the ingredients together until it becomes pasty.
Although Sorted uses a blender, most students don’t have that immediately at hand. Plus, blending melds all the tastes together. This version turns it into a rustic dish with flavors that pop out more.
•Lay out your puff pastry sheet and coat with melted butter. Lay a piece of the salmon on the mixture and layer it with a nice helping of your mixture.
•Roll up your mixture similar to how you would wrap an Egg Roll or Beef Wellington. Ensure that the rolled side is down.
•Now with a blunt edge of a knife or fork, ingrain small cuts that lightly graze the top to ensure the pastry doesn’t break and for a nice professional look. Brush with a bit of melted butter and set aside on a tray that has been coated with butter.
•Do this four more times.
Sorted uses this recipe to make two parcels, but the thickness doesn’t hold well for a lot of people who want to sort of bite into this singlehandedly and it’s easier to share 4 pieces than 2 anyway.

•Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes until the pastry is golden brown.
•This is one of the easiest recipes to make, is really tasty and wonderful to snack on if you have about a half hour to prepare these delicious packages of salmon-y goodness. Of course, please try Sorted’s version as well. It has a distinct and elegant taste compared to the rustic version presented here.

If you’re interested in cooking, definitely subscribe to those channels and enjoy their flavors. Also feel free to shoot me some of your favorite online chefs and cooking shows that you like to watch.

Next week we’re going to tackle a Vietnamese Risotto with fresh mangos and papayas. Remember to have fun engineering those recipes and always enjoy good eats!

by Romer Jed Medina

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