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It’s that time of year where everyone needs to buckle down and realize what’s important in life. It’s a time where priorities often clash between what you really want to do versus what you really ought to do. It’s all fine and dandy until you mess up somewhere and the plan falls apart, and suddenly it looks like everything you’ve done so far was useless. In reality it really doesn’t translate that way. It’s all in your head.

The month of September is very telling about what to expect. Not to sound all too sentimental, but September is essentially a month of change. It encompasses the change from summer to autumn, free time to school time, warmer days to colder days, green leaves to red leaves, and a lot more. Now compare yourself to how September is and you’ll find out you’re actually quite similar. You’re entering a season of transition from whatever you had before to getting down to the important business, such as focusing on school again or preparing for career life. It’s not a bad perspective if you look at it the right way.

People always say the fun is over when summer ends, but it doesn’t have to. Honestly speaking, I believe the fun ends when you decide to turn off your music at the end of the day and go to sleep; the fun comes back by the time you wake up in the morning! The best way to go about your business, school life, or just daily life in general is to image it like the weather and the seasons. Sometimes it’s a bit rough and sometimes it’s clear blue without a distraction in sight. If you need to get something done, then you need to make sure your day is filled with a clear mindset without clouded distractions. If the day seems to be getting a little rougher than normal, then prepare yourself like you would for a rainy day. As simplistic as it may sound, this is how daily life truly functions.

Now I’m not saying you are going to go off and become the greatest you’re ever going to become this year, but you should try shaping your goals and attitudes to believe in that goal. People who look at you with a better perspective will view you with a greater confidence than they would if you demonstrated yourself to be unreliable. As the saying goes, “good moods boost better goods”, so get out there and look forward to better days instead of dwelling on what happened before!

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