Men’s Soccer: NJIT Highlanders Sweep UMass River Hawks 2-0

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Eight minutes and thirty-one seconds into the NJIT Men’s Soccer game on Thursday night, Co- captain Marco Driljic set the Highlanders off to a superb start with a phenomenal goal, assisted by Eugene Listwan. The Highlander’s strong, communicative defense created a tough barrier which the River Hawks struggled to surpass. But when they did, goalkeeper Alex Czempik was sufficiently prepared, saving every single shot on all goal.

When Jason Chippy gained ball possession past the River Hawks’ defense, goalkeeper Chris Maierle rose to the challenge and one-upped him. However, Chippy made a spectacular break away and scored at twenty-two minutes into the second half with the assistance of Jason Gonzalez.

Unfortunately, in the last 12 minutes of the game, Chippy was helped off the field by the trainer after an ugly collision with a UMass defender. Shortly after that, Eric Chajon was issued a yellow card for sending a Highlander forward spiraling to the ground. Good call, ref!

NJIT’s Alex Czempik had a perfect game, saving all shots on goal and shutting out the UMass River Hawks.

An thickening crowd gathered to offer all their support the NJIT Highlanders. Parents, friends, and the Intervarsity Newark Organization arrived with a long banner in hand that read “Intervarsity Newark Bleeds Highlander Red!” It was beautifully decorated according to NJIT colors. This banner was an entry to a competition supposedly being held at the game, but since Intervarsity Newark’s lone banner stood tall and proud, they were presumably the winner.

The champions of this competition are Christel Charles, Anna Srigris, Ridge Chan, John Canella, Mackenzie Sanint, Jeremie Jen, Taylor Kline, and Adam Bindos. All of the participants proudly showed their school spirit to claim a prize of $100. Since they were the sole banner flying at the game, they more than deserve the prize. At least the barbecue was present as guaranteed.

NJIT students are not the only ones who glow with spirit. Izzy, Emily, and Symone, non-NJIT students, came out to support Izzy’s boyfriend, number 26 Christian Ferreira. They cheered on as the Highlanders rode on into success.

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