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Philanthropy Games: Super Smash for Beneficial Cash

Kareem Fayek

On Wednesday, the Association of Computing Machinery and Theta Chi Fraternity teamed up to host the first ever Games for Philanthropy. This charity event consisted of 25-cent-to-play tournament style matches, where the winner of the game would stay on. “We wanted to create a charity event that would be charitable and fun at the same time,” said Rocco Ricciardi, the current Publicity Representative of both ACM and Theta Chi Fraternity. “Games for Philanthropy was just that.” Designed with hardcore gamers in mind, players got to choose from a mix of three consoles, from head to head matches on Super Smash Brawl on Wii, or classic four way matches on Super Smash Melee on Gamecube. Students lined up during the mild, autumnal day in the heart of campus on the Lower Green. They competed with their favorite characters and selected the maps of their choice. The environment heated up and tension rose as players began to lose, while more students began to gather around the event.Overall, the event raised a total of a total of $30 in just quarters during the two hour event. “We were very pleased with the turnout,” stated Rocco. The proceeds of the charity event went towards helping USO, United Service Organizations. Recognized in 16 countries with hundreds of locations, USO benefits troops serving in combat, their families, the wounded warriors and their families, and families of the fallen. Much praise goes towards ACM and Theta Chi for hosting the event. This event was a positive and appealing way to raise beneficial cash through playing one of the greatest games of all time: Super Smash Bros.

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