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Being a Pi Kappa Phi brother means that you’re able to demonstrate dedication and perseverance. You must be able to “push” yourself in order to better yourself and the community. Last week, NJIT’s Beta Alpha chapter held their semiannual fundraising event for their non-profit organization, Push America. They cycled for 48 hours continuously in order to raise money to help disabled people. Their collective efforts helped them raise hundreds of dollars for their philanthropy.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is one of the only fraternities to have founded their own philanthropy. The organization dates back to 1977 and still thrives today. The goals of Push America are to raise awareness for people with disabilities and to encourage volunteerism. The brothers started their cycling on Tuesday at 10 am and ended on Thursday morning at the same time. The most admirable aspect about this event is that they cycle for 48 hours straight! At night, those who had the late shifts pedaled while their brothers camped out on the Green to keep them company and switch when necessary. They were determined to complete the event, rain or shine. Luckily, the brothers only had to pedal through the chilly autumn breeze, with the exercise keeping them warm.

One brother said, “Push America is so important for many reasons. First and foremost, we aim to change how people view disabled people, but one of the great things that come along with that is changing how people view fraternities. That’s the mission of Push America.”

Pi Kappa Phi picked a good week to do the event, especially since NJIT’s campus has been so lively. Derek Torres, the president of the Beta Alpha chapter, really stressed how grateful he was for all the support and generosity the NJIT community has been providing. They handed out wristbands to those who donated as a reminder of their goal and to constantly spread awareness. Overall, it was a successful event, and they’re already thinking about new goals they want to reach next semester for this fundraiser.

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