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Last Friday was the first SAC and NJIT Game Club (NGC) tournament cross-up in the Campus Center Basement. Though there were some hiccups with publicity and the location for the event, the tournaments still went ahead as planned.

As regular NJIT Game Club fare, the highlighted tournaments were Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. The fighting was tense, despite the small crowd and despite the fact that the top three for both games ended up being the same 3 people.

With our very own Ayodeji Asagba of Vatsu’s Game Corner in on this tournament, he came in swinging for the fences, taking everyone down in his path towards the finals for Super Street Fighter 4. As consistent as our own Vatsu is, he placed in the top 3 behind the top two competitors for both tournaments.

Joseph “Joe” Delgado took down Douglas “Doug” Walton Jr. in a rough best-out-of-5 grand finals match. Using Sakura’s quick combos and Rose’s mind games, Joe was able to get the best of Doug’s Ken by sheer force and claim victory.

For the grand finals of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, the tables were turned. Doug only needed to win 3 fights against Joe. Doug was able to mess Joe’s game up by using smaller hit-box characters like X-23 and Rocket Raccoon, while piling the hurt with Doctor Doom. Joe’s team was still not something to laugh at, with Crimson Viper starting things off with a bang, Doctor Doom still piling the hurt with his butter gun, and Vergil clinching those wins with his meter. Doug’s X-23, Rocket Raccoon, and Doctor Doom proved too much for Joe as he was able to take him down 3-1 in the set.

Although this tournament may be over, the Mini-Hype it Up series is still underway! On Friday, November 8, Mini Hype-It Up: 2 will be in the Atrium but instead of throwing hadokens, it’s time to start fragging your Pikachus because it’s all about Call of Duty Ghosts and Super Smash Brothers Brawl! Hope to see you Aura Sphering some AK-47’s!

By the way, the week after, be sure to hit up the Mini-Con that’ll be in the Campus Center on November 16. The main Hype It Up event, which is run by the NJIT Game Club, will be mixed in with Geek Wars and it’s going to be a blast! Along with panels (including mine on “Do Japanese Games Suck?”), vendors, and an artist’s alley, the Game Club will make this big by featuring all the tournaments played in the Mini-Hype It Up tournaments alongside additional tournaments ranging from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst to Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. Are you HYPED?

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