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Shows To Enjoy Without Being An Anime Lover

I was asked quite a while ago about recommending shows to people who only have a basic understanding of anime. There’s a big difference between them and people who watch anime and follow the general season show trends, similar to followers of TV shows. For many people it may feel a little out of place to switch to a genre where fantasy is a primary factor and there is a lack of physical actors. However, if you’re dabbling with the idea of getting into anime, here are some suggestions to try out!

Cowboy Bebop

Being a classic among anime with themes anyone can truly enjoy was exactly what made this show so well regarded. It takes place in space, already diving deep in the sci-fi genre, and follows the adventures of various space bounty hunters. At first glance the plot might confuse you due to the constant switching of characters, but it all comes together in one of the best executed manners seen in anime. Some anime aspire to match the greatness that Cowboy Bebop gave to its audiences in the 90s, but as a standalone Cowboy Bebop appeals to any watcher’s interests. It has mystery, drama, action, excellent music, and an excellent dynamic amongst the cast. The writer of Cowboy Bebop makes his triumphant return with Space Dandy, which has a similar construction to Cowboy Bebop but with obvious differences. It is due to make its debut in January on Toonami, so be sure to check it out!

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin

Without getting into the controversies and details of Attack on Titan, all I am going to talk about is the appeal of the show for now. Much of its popularity would not have come about if it wasn’t for the manga, which was already hyped to no end with the quality to back up the claims, but the show lives up to its source material. Attack on Titan is highly unique and follows a genre unfamiliar to most anime called seinen. Seinen is geared towards a more mature audience, exploring topics less commonly seen. Series such as Monster and Berserk follow the seinen genre, and of course have very serious and perhaps gory aspects as points of interest instead of other typical antics found in other anime. In Attack on Titan, you develop a connection with the characters with the sense of suspense and danger lurking at all corners. Unlike other shows, Attack on Titan is not afraid to get you feeling anxious down to your very core with every twist and turn it takes. Unlike other shows, it is heavily plot focused with no distractions such as fan service or awkward romantic situations. While it is more modern of a show, not even reaching a year old as of now, it is still rated as one of the best shows this generation has seen and has broken more records that I can count.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There’s an assumption people have when they imagine what anime is. Typically they think of cute girls doing odd things, cheesy romance, and the occasional action scene with magic and swords. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure breaks the mold and became a legend in its own right as a pioneer of anime itself. Dating back to when action series were just starting to hit the scene, Jojo was one of the first debuted series to show off its true wacky colors, and that’s what people loved about it. It currently features currently eight arcs, each somewhat independent of each other, and introduces characters of all backgrounds. The uniqueness of the characters is what encompass the spirit of the series, in addition to their adventures. While the manga is excellent, the recently re-made anime exaggerates the true essence of Jojo with the vibrant 80s flair Jojo had when it first serialized. The anime showcases the action and flair that made the series so great, and a unique taste of fabulousness to prevent you from taking the series too seriously. As you will discover with Jojo and its expansive universe, it’s about enjoying what happens, no matter what happens.

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