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Theater Preview: The Icarus Project

Brush up on your Greek mythology and spice up your night out on the town with a trip to the Jim Wise Theater to see NJIT’s upcoming play, “The Icarus Project.” Experience the original story of Icarus modernized by writer and director Daniel Drew.

A cluster of poor souls, doomed for eternity on a pitiful island, struggle through coarse conditions in an attempt to give meaning to their miserable lives. One, however, brings to light a different approach on the situation. He, Icarus, plans to defy his fate and escape the island’s obnoxious despondency. He has had enough with living each day in terror, misery, and gloom. He pushes the limits far, but is it too far? Can he change his life, or will his personal hardships impede his desired destiny?

Even Drew says the main message of the play is “find a way to change.”

Brewing with intensity and suspense around every corner, The Icarus Project dramatizes meaningful dialogue and emotional music that will grab you on the spot.

The chorus, comprising those doomed souls, makes a wondrous show of allegorical affects through intense interpretive dance, movements, and interactions. Every note of music, composed by Drew’s son, deepens the already suspenseful tone of the play. Drew, his son, and his daughter collaborated to perfect the lyrics.

This is but one of many glorious productions by Drew. His first directed play here at NJIT was “Maratsade” in 1992. The Icarus Project was inspired by his daughter, he says, “because she wanted to write a play where people are afraid they cannot live up to the expectations.”

Sunjo Hendricks, who plays Icarus, gave credence to that statement. “There’s always the pressure to do well, and a lot of commitment.” However, Hendricks gave no hint to apprehension as he happily stated “I love Greek myth.” Even more excitedly, he commented on his first lead role: “it makes me feel good!”

Everyone in the cast is dedicated to the success of The Icarus Project, rehearsing far into the night and putting in every ounce of commitment. Even the props were proudly made by the Production Class.

The Icarus Project will undoubtedly reach out and grab your undivided attention. So come out to support your fellow Highlanders as they animate an intriguing twist on Greek Mythology just for you! Most definitely, the play is being set up for triumph and will be a spectacular NJIT adventure.

Holly Junice

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