What Would You Like To See For Spirit Week Next Year?

1. Jesse Liu. Mechanical Engineering. Junior.

“Better weather and more girls.”

2. Sahaj Patel. Computer Engineering. Sophomore.

“They should give out free shirts.”

3. Srinath Yellepeddi. Computer Engineering. Junior.

“I would like to participate in a drag race on the streets of Newark.”

4. Kristian Budinoski. Biomedical Engineer. Senior.

“Be more like a college and less like a high school”

5. Kyle O’Brien. BME. Senior.

“An increased presence of the general student body at sporting events.”

6.Moises Rodriguez. TRIO.

“Bring in more activities from the outside like dancers and people with special talents.”

7. Raj Das. Civil engineering. Sophomore.

“A music and dance party.”

8. SAC.

“Spirit week would be better next year with more attendance and cooperating weather.”

9. Mayank Sahoo. Mechanical Engineering. Graduate student.

Rushabh Bhansali. Mechanical Engineering. Graduate student.

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