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The Student Art Society (SAS) has had an extra busy year! We have had several fundraisers and a super huge free
multimedia event called M5! that we hosted before the end of the Spring semester.
M5! was NJIT’s 1st ever student-generated public multimedia art event, hosted by the New Jersey Laptop Orchestra
(NJLO) and the Student Art Society. Music, Art, and Dance improv performances were enjoyed by all members of our
audience! If you were there, thank you for attending!

Also, to everyone that took video and/or photos of any performances and captured event footage during M5!, we will be
AWARDING prizes for best M5! video and best M5! photo. Your submissions can be emailed to
artsocietyofnjit@gmail.com or posted directly to our Facebook page. Don’t worry if your photos are not so crisp, we are
looking for content, not only quality. We also have video-editing software in case your footage is lacking resolution (i.e.
taken with a phone cam). We will accept your M5! submissions until September 27th! Good luck ;)
Our current Executive Board consists of Louie the Art Boss as President (yours truly), Brenda Loja as Vice President, Nyija
Butler as Secretary, Phoebe Yu as Recording Secretary, and Halina Quipuzcoa as Member-at-Large. We would like to
extend a warm welcome to our newly inducted, current, and incoming Student Art Society club members!
Congratulations to our increasing number of Dean’s List SAS members! Keep up the good work. We won’t name names;
you know who you are ;) We will feature a photo-op of our Dean’s List artists in our next ARTicle.
The Student Art Society will hold its first fundraising event for the semester, our classic Yum Yum Sale, before the month
ends. We usually have two tables in the Campus Center Lobby where we display and sell fresh tangerines or
clementines, decadent Lindt chocolate truffles, assorted fruity candies, a delicious variety of homemade double
chocolate chunk, white chocolate macadamia nut, classic chocolate chip, crunchy oatmeal, and fudge cookies, and a
wide variety of tasty treats. We typically raise the interest of passers-by with our attractive artwork and our eclectic
array of edible and artsy items.

As a side note, SAS encourages you to recycle your unwanted art supplies! Donate your excess art-related stuff to us! We
are accepting generous donations of old, used or new art supplies (i.e. construction paper, stickers, half-used
sketchbooks, half-full Elmer’s glue bottles, nearly dried-up tubes of paint, craft wire, plaster of paris mixture,
paintbrushes, etc.) to prepare for an upcoming art exhibit we are hosting next month. We would like to thank Ms. Judith
Sheft, NJIT Associate Vice President of Technology Development, for donating more of her extra art supplies to the club.
For more information on where to drop off your extra art supplies, feel free to find the Student Art Society on Facebook
at www.facebook.com/sasofnjit (Like our Page!) and check out our site at https://sites.google.com/a/njit.edu/studentart-society/home for membership details.
We have an upcoming event later this month to support National Hunger Awareness month! We will hold a Food
Drive/Art Drive at a further date, which we will announce in the upcoming Vector issues.

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