The IFSC Cupcake Wars

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The IFSC Cupcake Wars

smell in the air was that of competition – and cupcakes. Up in the gallery of the Campus Center (on the second floor, for those that do not know) the different Greek organizations had assembled, ready-to-decorate cupcakes. There was one team of two individuals per organization allowed. However, some teams were made up of members from differing Greek organizations. The teams sat at tables with plates that contained several types of candies. There were marshmallows, skittles, M&Ms, knock-off Swedish Fish, gummy bears, and more. Pretty much every table had vanilla icing and some tables even had chocolate icing as well.

The cupcakes were aligned on a table in the center. At the start of each round, the teams scrambled to that table to grab the best cupcakes for decorating. There were three timed rounds each with a different theme. In the first round, the teams decorated two cupcakes with a theme of NJIT. Needless to say, a few cupcakes supported the letters NJIT and were decorated with red candies. The second round was to decorate one cupcake with a winter theme. There were a lot of marshmallows used in this round and a few snowmen topping the cupcakes. The third and final round consisted of decorating two cupcakes with an animal theme.

There were three judges who went around looking at all the cupcakes and rating them. After the judges had made their assessments, it was time to eat cupcakes. As the cupcakes were being devoured, the judges made their final tallies and determined the winners. In the end, Delta Phi Epsilon won first place and received a nifty certificate. Sigma Beta Rho interest group placed second, and third place was a tie between Alpha Sigma Tau and Sigma Psi Kappa.

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