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Dear NJIT Community:

It is with great excitement that we announce the opening of a new NJIT service dedicated to assisting students who are undecided about their majors, students in need of additional support, or students transitioning into or within any college at NJIT. The Advising Success Center (ASC – pronounced “ask”) opened its doors in the Fall 2013 semester and has been an on-going support for students ever since.

The center’s primary focus is to work alongside faculty and other academic advisors to provide additional support for students who are questioning the decision to change their major, inquiring about appropriate academic support services on campus, or discussing any issues which could be standing in the way of a positive college experience. Through meaningful, collaborative relationships with advisors, students are able to effectively create and follow sound educational and career plans customized to their needs and interests. We at the Advising Success Center encourage you to stop by with any major-related, registration, or career guidance questions. Don’t have any of those? Then just stop by to say “hello” and meet our PALs!

PALS are Peer Advisor Liaisons who can also assist you with your transition to college and personally help you to navigate through your college experience. All of the PALs are upperclassmen who extend themselves to a variety of majors and are eager to provide academic, transitional, and social support.

For more information, please visit We look forward to working with you in your persistence toward success!

ASC contact information can be seen below:

LOCATION: Fenster Hall, Fourth Floor, Room 420

PHONE: 973-596-5598



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