Campus Events: Winter Wednesday

Campus Events: Winter Wednesday

Two of NJIT’s most active organizations started off the semester with some exciting events. First, the Student Senate held a contest in which competing teams had to build a gingerbread train that showed off their Highlander spirit. The event attracted ten teams, totaling over 40 students competing for the three hundred dollar grand prize.

Participant Neha Syal, a freshman BME major, said, “This event is so exciting! I’m so happy that NJIT holds so many events that allow me to do things I never thought I’d do!” When Senator John Vito d’Antonio-Bertagnolli was asked about the event, he said, “We have a great turnout at the event; I think the Archie team has a big advantage, but all the teams are coming up with really creative designs, and you never know who the judges are going to vote for.

The winning team comprised Maryrose Huryk, Denisse Rivera and Robin Hanrahan. Their train design was very creative, cleanly built, and showed a lot of NJIT pride.

Following the gingerbread train contest was a show hosted by SAC, featuring magician-comedian Joseph Tran who took to the stage for an hour. Joseph performed tricks with cards, markers, birds, and even a ketchup bottle, but what stood out most was his final act. Joseph had an audience member color in a picture of a superhero with five different colored markers. He then proceeded to transform all of his posters into the exact same picture the participant had colored. Just when the audience thought the trick was over, Joseph ripped off his dress clothes and revealed himself dressed exactly as the superhero the participant colored in. His final trick brought the audience to a standing ovation.

When asked about his performance after the show, Joseph said, “Even though I have an improvisation and theater background, I’ve always had a passion for technology, so performing here at NJIT really made me feel at home. It made me feel like I’m a geek, and I love it!”

One thing that made Joseph such a great performer is that he treats every performance like it’s his first. He said, “Whenever I go on stage, I get a natural high from the emotions of the audience. I love making them laugh, and their laughter pumps up my own state and gets me in the zone.” Overall, Justin’s performance did more than just entertain NJIT students; it communicated his emotions and personality to the audience.

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